Position Overview

As a member of our software development team you will have the opportunity to work and grow in an exciting and challenging environment dedicated to delivering quality software using modern technologies and frameworks. As part of our diverse multidisciplinary team, you will have the opportunity to grow in the areas of programming, software architecture, User Experience design (UX), Agile software development and software engineering.

Position Requirements

Here's the deal - There's no typical day at E2Generations. Our dynamic environment calls for adaptable problem solvers who believe change is the only constant in life (because it is). Although you might wear multiple hats on any given day, we’ve compiled the most important responsibilities:

Position Responsibilities

  • .NET - Strong experience with any of the following: .NET in SQL Environment, Node.js, Laravel PHP framework.

  • Experience - 5+ years of hands on experience in design, development and implementation of web applications

  • Front-End - Strong front-end development skills: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

  • Frameworks - Experience with front-end frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, etc

  • API - Experience with fundamental API architectures including REST and GraphQL.

  • Database - Experience building database queries for relational and document databases.

  • Standards - Dedication to produce clean code that validates and follows industry coding style standards.

  • Organization - Excellent organization and communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Teamwork - Work collaboratively with a team debugging and problem-solving skills

  • Testing - Some experience with cross-browser, platform, and device manual/automation testing

  • Terminal - Fundamental knowledge of terminal commands

  • Usability - Experience in UI / UX skills and understanding of Usability

  • Optimization - Experience with optimizing website performance

  • Git - Experience with Git

  • Object - Experience with Object Oriented Programming

Daily Responsibilities

  • Communication - Consult on client and internal projects and products

  • Developing - Design and develop multi-faceted enterprise web applications

  • Multi-Tasking - Handle multiple client and internal projects simultaneously

  • Performance - Design and Develop high performance web applications used by hundreds of thousands of users globally.

  • Consistency - Promote consistent architecture patterns for design and development within and across development teams.

  • Modern Standards - Use state of the art front-end technologies like HTML/CSS/LESS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, Webpack and NPM to develop highly available applications that can scale to deliver customer facing applications.

  • Effectiveness - Write effective unit tests and integration tests to ensure high quality software delivery, sprint after sprint. Leverage automation testing methods to increase test coverage and build confidence in continuous delivery pipeline.

  • Collaboration - Collaborate on effective development practices and evangelize within and across teams


100 - 120K

Apply for Full Stack Developer